For the third time, Spin has been given the designation of an HLAC accredited laundry!  Our dedication to this certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in quality and procedures. We are proud to say this has been a part of our cu...
Spin was the first to bring polyester sheets to the market. And now we have added another polyester sheeting product called Micropoly.  This 100% polyester sheet is the latest product that has added softness that first generation polyester shee...
Restaurants today are very focused on making sure they design an atmosphere that creates a memory for their customers, and hopefully, repeat business.  Spin Linen has seen the trends for customers wanting more napkin options to help create ...


The Inventory Integrity Promise


It can clean a mess, wipe down a spill, or keep your customers dignified during dinner. Your linen has a BIG role in your business. When its not there when you need it, or you have way too much, that’s a problem. With Spin Linen Management, keep your linen inventory in integrity.