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Patient Gowns: More Than Just Linen

A Heartwarming Story about How the Small Things Do Make a Difference in Patient Care

Judy Ord was no stranger to hospitals. With two knee replacement surgeries and a recent breast cancer diagnosis, she had visited many healthcare facilities in the area searching for the right place for treatment. Naturally, Judy found herself starting to compare the facilities on aspects like quality of care and staff responsiveness.

And patient gowns.

While a patient at Lincoln Surgical Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, Judy noticed the gown she was given was different than others she had worn. The quality of the fabric was heavier than most, and didn't feel like it was "see-through" or could fall apart at any given second. It was brightly colored and cheery, a welcome alternative to the dull gowns she was used to. It tied at the sides, helping her to feel less exposed. Perhaps most surprising of all, it was comfortable.

Judy's unusual experience with the nice patient gowns at Lincoln Surgical Hospital made her keenly aware of the gowns at other hospitals thereafter, like those given to her ailing mother, Ruth Bernhardt, at the rural Webster County Community Hospital. When her mother passed away at the end of May, Judy decided she wanted to do something special to both honor the memory of her mother and show her appreciation to Webster County Community Hospital, the facility that had taken wonderful care of her mother and had shown her so much kindness.

A creative idea sparked. Judy remembered the lovely gowns at Lincoln Surgical, so she contacted the hospital to figure out where, exactly, those special linens came from.

That's when we got the call.

Judy told us her story and explained how she wanted to donate 48 Spin Linen patient gowns to Webster County Community Hospital so that future patients would have a little something extra to warm and comfort them.

To say we were touched isn't a powerful enough statement. We were deeply moved and inspired, and we immediately knew that we wanted to be a part of Judy's project. We brainstormed some ideas of how we could contribute, and then had the pleasure of proposing that Spin Linen add special embroidery to each gown donated to say, "In Memory of Ruth Bernhardt." She loved it.

We had the special PerforMax gowns by Medline embroidered and delivered them to Judy's home so she could donate them to the rural hospital in person. Together, it's our hope that the comfy gowns help brighten the patients' spirits.

We're sharing this story with our customers and friends, because—as each new day brings us new tasks to conquer, problems to solve, and things to accomplish—it's a warm reminder that the small things do matter and can make a difference in patient perception.

Your partner in linen,

Spin Linen

We offer our sincerest gratitude to Judy Ord of Guide Rock, Nebraska for giving us the honor of sharing her story.