With a wide variety of sizes and materials, we have the right towel for your needs. Every towel is built for a specific purpose; find your ideal towel in the list below.

UtilityTowels-BarMopsThis widely used towel is meant for either front-of-house or back-of-house applications. One of the most heavy-duty towels on the market, it has very good absorbency and is 100% cotton, measuring 16" x 19".

Mops-MicrofiberClothsThis towel is used in front-of-house or back-of-house applications. This highly absorbent towel, measuring 14" x 18", is lint-free and 100% polyester, making it superior in many ways to the cotton bar towel; unfortunately, its synthetic material cannot be used around hot pots and pans. For use in holding pots and pans, we recommend the grill wipes.

Utility-Bar-Towel-HandThis is a larger version of the cotton bar towel, measuring 16" x 27".

Towels-GlassTowelThere are currently two towels available for keeping glassware clean. The first is a cotton towel, low lint, measuring 16" x 28". The second is a microfiber glass towel, lint-free (80% polyester, 20% polyamide), measuring 15" x 19"; this towel is superior in removing water spots with no lint left on the glass.

GrillPadOften used in back-of-house for holding hot pans and cleaning grills, this heavy-duty towel will get the job done on your toughest grease.

UtilityTowels-MultipurposeThese towels are generally used as an alternative to the cotton bar towel, as they have lower lint content. They are, however, lower in absorbency. These towels are 100% cotton and measure 15" x 26".