Hospitality Apparel

Want to really impress your customers? Image apparel for your employees is a great way to set yourself apart and leave a lasting positive impression on your customers. We offer everything from t-shirts to executive shirts to shorts to dress slacks. You can even custom embroider your garments and put your logo right in front of your customers' eyes, or embroider your employees' names to give them a sense of pride and your clientele a sense of attention to service. Please speak to a sales representative about the many available options.


Hospitality-Apron-SuperTwillBibFrom zero pockets to three pockets, we offer a wide variety of apron options and colors. Our aprons are 100% polyester with 3M soil release, so they hold up well to abuse. They also have premium polyester ties to prevent unraveling and assist in untying. Our standard size is 30" x 36". For options in waist aprons, bistro aprons, and server aprons, please speak to a sales representative.

Chef Apparel

Hospitality-ChefCoat-BlackKeep your chefs looking professional with our full line of chef apparel. Our standard product line comes in white or black coats with buttons or knots. These 100% polyester coats are extremely durable and clean up exceptionally well, so you never have to worry about those big spills! Our standard chef pant line includes black, checked, and striped baggy pants, also in 100% polyester. For your line cooks, we provide 100% polyester cook shirts in white with durable snaps.

Hospitality-ChefCoat-WhiteWe will set up your inventories and manage your coats by either wearer or in bulk, whichever is more convenient for you. We will inspect all garments to ensure that they are free of stains, tears, holes and missing buttons, and will replace any garments that are not up to our high quality standards. You may choose to have your garments pressed to take it up a notch, or have them steam tunnel-pressed.

Contact one of our sales representative to learn about the best program for you.