Spin offers a wide variety of towels to suit any need. If there is something not shown that you are interested in, we would be happy to help accommodate you.

Healthcare-Surgical2We offer two different options in surgery towels. The first is a 100% cotton towel measuring 18" x 32", a bit larger in size than most surgical towels on the market. The second is a lint-free, high-absorbency microfiber surgery towel. These towels are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, measuring 16" x 24". Trial samples of this towel are available through a sales representative. 

These cotton terry towels are mostly used as hand towels for doctors. They are 100% cotton and measure 15" x 25". 

Towels-DividerFor patients after bathing, this 100% cotton towel comes in two standard sizes: 20" x 40" and 24" x 50".  Speak with a sales representative to learn more about available custom towel programs.

Towels-EuroClassicUsually placed in patient bathrooms, these white towels are 100% cotton and measure 15" x 25". Additional premium products are available.

Towels-PyramidThese white towels are 100% cotton and measure 12" x 12". Additional premium products are available.

Healthcare-ResistatWrappersUsed for wrapping surgical instruments, surgical wrappers are constructed of 99% filament polyester and 1% carbon fiber. A lightweight single-ply wrapper, ResiStat produces virtually no lint, and its air-textured surface allows for easy stacking of packs. Pearl-stitched edges are color-coded for identification. Ceil Blue. 36" x 36", Ceil Blue stitching.

Healthcare-QuiltedUnderpadThis product is available in dimensions, thicknesses, and colors suitable to your personal needs.