Healthcare Restroom Supply

Restroom Supply

Your restroom image is just as important to positive perception of your business as all the other areas of your facility - maybe more so. To that end, we offer a full line of high quality healthcare restroom supply products to wow your customers.

Make just one call and we'll take care of your healthcare restroom supplies. We'll help you manage your inventories to ensure you always have enough stock on hand. We'll coordinate your order so that it arrives with your regular linen Omaha area delivery, taking the work out of managing your supplies and making Spin your one-stop shop for all your linen and restroom supply needs.

Keeping your facility smelling clean and fresh is important to your staff and customers. Select from a wide array of scents to ensure that your building and restrooms smell their best!

SanitizerKeep your hands free of germs with our line of hand sanitizers. Conveniently placed dispensers ensure proper hand sanitation. We have foam and gel options available.

Bathroom-SoapBuy them by the case or the bottle, or rent them for a minimal weekly fee. Our antimicrobial handsoaps come in foam or liquid form to best suit your needs.

UtilityTowels-CabinetRoller towels are reusable towels that keep your restroom cleaner without having paper everywhere that needs to be disposed of. Keep your disposal costs down and reduce landfill waste with these environmentally friendly and sanitary towels. Our standard product colors are white and blue.

Bathroom-CenterPullTowelsChoose from center pull, c-fold, and s-fold towels. We have the options that are right for your applications. Talk to a sales representative about the available options.

Bathroom-JumboRollTissueChoose from 1-ply, 2-ply, single rolls, and jumbo rolls. We have the options that are suitable for your environment.