Healthcare Apparel

Lab Coats

Healthcare-LabCoat-WomensWe understand that a professional, clean image is important in your line of work, and we have many options available to keep those high standards at the forefront. Whether we're managing your inventory, embroidering lab coats with your logos and names, or pressing coats for a crisp, clean image, our lab coat program is sure to make doctors and technicians rave.


Healthcare-Scrubs2We also offer a comprehensive scrub apparel program. With our frequent inventory system, we will manage all your scrub inventories for you and make sure you are getting the products you need. Want your scrubs hung? We can do that. Want them folded? We can do that, too. For the ultimate crisp garment, we can even press your scrubs, which you can select from a wide range of colors and styles. Speak to a sales representative about the right scrub apparel program for you.